I was born in the U.S but moved to the Netherlands when I was 3 years old. .. My teenage years I spent in The Hague and then I moved to Friesland.  Already at  an early age I was fascinated by sound and music, but after leaving high school I was not in a position to follow my heart’s desire; I became a counselor and spent a number of years working with people (individually as well as in groups) suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Although I enjoyed the work I did,  the  fascination for music did not diminish, on the contrary, it only increased. When I was thirty I decided to make a career switch; I  went to the Conservatory and became a musician.

After working many years as a singer/guitarist in the entertainment industry, I noticed that this work was becoming less satisfying. This resulted in a growing need to create.  Music/sound is a universal force that can bring about profound changes at various levels (physical, emotional and spiritual). Music and sound always have played an important role in my life but I only recently came to appreciate it as a vehicle for awareness. The healing and invigorating effects of sound and music are therefore used by me to help people to obtain more clarity and insight.

In this line of work I can rely on my experience as a counselor.  Personally I find it very inspiring and gratifying that after so many years I am yet again working as a counselor, but this time my passion is the  “therapy”!

When Buddha was asked what he did  before his enlightenment he answered; “I got water and chopped wood”. “And what did you do after your enlightenment?”, was the next question? “I got water and chopped wood”, he answered. Although seemingly nothing had changed, everything was different because of his  perspective had changed. A  change in perspective is what I aim  for when I work with people.