As the sun gives us warmth and vitamin D, the earth gives us  food and water, a surface on which to live and an eternal, natural, gentle energy.
Mankind has always walked barefoot and slept on the floor until we invented shoes. We walk on shoes, usually with insulating rubber soles, and we have the floors in our homes insulated and sleep no longer on the ground. So we lost contact with Earth and we are disconnected from the healing energy of the Earth.
New research suggests that this disconnection from the earth, could be a contributory cause of chronic pain, fatigue and insomnia, which many people today suffer from.  MAKE CONTACT WITH THE EARTH AND FEEL BETTER!  The solution is simple: walking outside barefoot as much as possible and sleep, work or relax indoors in contact with conductive sheets or mats, that convey the energy of the Earth  to your body. People who do that on a regular basis, say they sleep better, feel better and have more energy during the day. This simple solution is called Earthing and is both an art as a movement that changes lives around the world .

Earthing, grounding, is safe and very natural, for people of all ages, young and old, but is not a cure or a substitute for medical treatment. If you are being treated, always consult with your physician or practitioner.


Your immune system protects you from intruders such as viruses and bacteria, and helps restore damaged tissue. If there is a problem somewhere in the body, white blood cells and other special cells rush to that place, as an initial response.

Some of these cells then release free radicals, which help in breaking down the invading micro-organisms and the damaged tissue. Free radicals are positively charged molecules (have a deficiency of one or more electrons), which are always looking for free electrons. Normally they get these missing electrons away from the invaders and the damaged tissue thus killing these unwanted guests or affect the damaged cells to be disposed.

This immune response is also called inflammatory response and often gives the familiar symptoms of inflammation: swelling, heat and pain, redness and, depending on the place, a movement restriction.

If this recovery process comes to its end, the excess of free radicals are neutralized by antioxidants or free electrons in the body. If there are too few free electrons, then the free radicals attack healthy tissue, which in turn triggers an immune response. This way we enter a vicious circle and chronic inflammation arises, the cause of many of today’s chronic and autoimmune diseases and accelerated aging.

Because the earth has an abundance of free electrons,  grounding is the perfect way for our body’s need to provide free electrons. Thus we can break the vicious circle above.

Research has shown that these health problems can be linked directly with inflammation:
* High blood pressure, heart disease, arteriosclerosis
* A delayed metabolism, which may lead to an increased fat storage
* Problems with memory and the deterioration of cognitive abilities
* Deterioration of the eyes and AMD (also called AMD: Age-related Macular Degeneration)
* Poor energy and poor sleep
* Chronic pain, including back pain, joint pain and fibromyalgia
* Stress and adrenal exhaustion


One of the main consequences of grounding is that free electrons flow in our body, which neutralize free radicals. If this happens, free radicals not affect healthy tissue. In this way we take the cause of many infections away and give the body the opportunity to recover.

Thousands of experiences of people who started earthing, and particularly grounded sleep, show that indeed there are improvements in the above mentioned health problems, often inflammation as a major cause. Sometimes these are small improvements, often substantial and sometimes they are spectacular!(See,

Grounding in a natural way reduces:

* Inflammation,
* Pain,
* Stress,
* Insomnia,
* Snoring,
* Headache

and improves: 

* The immune system,
* The overall energy
* Recovery after illness
* Recovery after exercise / sports injuries

Earthin slows the aging process and protects against the negative effects of Electrgo Magnetic Radiation (EMF).

In America there is discovered a way, which allows you to connect  yourself easily with the healing energy of the earth while you are indoors and while you sleep.
There are several products developed for simple and effective grounding, including a sheet on the bed, a mat on the desk or on the floor and a mouse pad. It connects using a special wire and an adapter to a grounded electrical outlet or a special pin that you put in the ground. Look in the shop on this site for the supply of products.