Pineal gland activation

Various spiritual teachers are talking about the re-wiring of the human body: a process that will help us to integrate more of our higher self and our actual spirit  into our daily life.
They say that one of these physical changes has already occurred and can be activated at any time. It is now possible to re-activate the pineal gland and letting it do what it originally was intended to do.  At this moment some important DNA-connections have already taken place in everybody. As a result, it is now possible to reactivate the original function and role of the pineal gland.

To all of the above  Steve Rother adds that the pineal gland actually determines our position within the illusion of time and space in the universe around us. In other words, the pineal gland grounds our mind/spirit in the illusion of the physical timeline. This sounds pretty logical because many indigenous people believed that the soul enters the body and leaves it via the pineal gland also.
If the pineal gland is activated and the person makes conscious use of it, he or she can control his place in time and space. Both Dr. Todd Ovokaitys as Steve Rother claim that this will begin to grow as soon as more people are being activated and notice that they themselves can regulate their sleep cycle, aging process, sex drive etc. Over time multi-dimensional travels and  travelling through time will also be possible. There are no restrictions except those you impose yourself. Everything is possible !

There are several ways to activate the pineal gland, such as meditation, massage, sound work, energy work, breathing techniques, medicine and so on. The pineal gland on the one hand is the highway to the Cosmos and on the other hand it is the main gland of our endocrine system and is the conductor of our body together with the pituitary gland. It activates e.g. our immune system and can even activate your stem cells, so that a complete rejuvenation is possible. When you start with activating your pineal gland you will notice that something will change in your life. There will be a clarity and peace that you didn’t know earlier and never want to lose again. Your physical, mental and emotional bodies will be cleaned. Your consciousness will expand and the veil will slowly be deleted so you will open up to other dimensions. People will respond to this change in energy and Spirit will contact you in new ways. You’ll probably also discover some of your own “new” opportunities.  Are you ready for the next step in raising your own frequency?