Pineal gland – 2

Visions of white light are not only associated with mystical and psychedelic explorations, but it is a dominant image of those who have had near-death experience. One reason for this recurring theme in “near-death country” is found by Dr. Strassman, which suggests that after death, when the pineal gland stops functioning, some of the chemicals that are still present can turn into “psychedelic “drugs.

According to Dr. Strassman the pineal gland plays an important role, not only in the dying process, but also during the birth, perhaps even in rebirth …

The pineal gland is visible in the human fetus at the same time as the clear differentiation of the fetus in female or male gender is visible. The time for these two events to occur is 49 days, the period which, under various Buddhist texts, the life force/energy of a deceased person needs to merge around her/his next physical existence.

If indeed the life force enters through the pineal gland, this would involve the release of tryptamines ( This is probably the explanation for the experiences people have during near -death and rebirth experiences.

Certain movements, such as Tantrism, Kundalini and Gnosticism, recognized the role of the pineal gland in the spiritual process. The spiritual / instinctive force was seen as a snake, because of the physical structure extending from the genitals, through the spine in one all-seeing eye in the pineal gland.
These spiritual systems had focused on the raising of this primordial serpent energy, located in the genitals and lying at the base of the reproductive process. Through certain yoga exercises, breathing techniques, energy and toning exercises this energy can be reversed. It then travels through the spinal cord to the third eye and causes possible “enlightenment.”

Another reference to this curious little gland can occur at the end of the New Testament book of Revelation where we read that the elect will know God intimately, his name will be in their foreheads, that’s where the pineal gland is. In recalling stories of white light, the following passage is interesting, “There will be no more night, they don’t need a lamp or the light of the sun, because the Lord God will give them light.”

Also in the tradition of the Kabbalah  the primordial archetypal man, Adam Kadmon, radiates a great light from his forehead, which was rich in complex patterns and linguistic symbols.


In the distant past our third eye/pineal gland was a cosmic receiver and transmitter. The pineal gland has now become a small gland in the center of our brains, connected with all our senses and the rest of our body through our spinal cord. Through the senses it is communicating with the outside world through electrical pulses/frequencies. With its spectrum of hormones it regulates our state of consciousness, such as waking, sleeping, dreaming, various meditative states including those states where we have mystical experiences.  The mind and the senses are trails for all kinds of energies that work through various psychophysical centers or chakras, the highest being the pineal gland. By activating the pineal gland our third eye will be activated. This will have advantages such as e.g. slowing down aging or even rejuvenation, healing body and mind because of the balance that is restored, a better communication with the higher Self  and increasing your awareness.